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CMBA Rally Cap Program


General Program Information

The Rally Cap Program is an initiative to enhance players and coaches first experience with the game. The program helps teach players and coaches the five FUNdamentals of baseball in a fun and safe environment. Players have the opportunity to perform different tasks in order to earn a colored Baseball Canada Rally Cap. Cap colors correspond with various levels of achievement. The program is designed for young baseball players (ages 6-7) teaching the grassroots of baseball to individual players to increase interest in the sport. For more information on the Baseball Canada Rally Cap Program click here


Ages: must be turning 6 or 7 years of age during the current season

Cost: **see registration page**

Days: 2 days/week - Tuesday and Thursdays

Times: 6:00pm running for 75-80 min (approximately)

Season Start: First week of May (weather permitting)

Season End: Approximately Last week of June (weather permitting)

Equipment Required: Helmet, Baseball Glove, Shoes/Cleats, Protective Cup (Male and female),

Optional: Bat


Associated Costs

Your CMBA registration fee will cover basic expenses related to playing ball for our organization such as insurance, basic equipment, practice time, uniform, etc.


Goals of the program

  • Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively engaged together in the game of baseball.
  • Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our players.
  • Experience success with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.
  • Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap aged children and adults.
  • Recruiting new coaches and volunteers.


***The Crucial Role of Coaches - WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!***

The most important individual in the Rally Cap program is the coach. The coach is the person the players look at for instruction, encouragement and inspiration. The assistant coaches, as well as the parents, take their cues from the coach. Therefore, success of the program is dependant on the coaches embracing our goals and working to achieve them.


How Coaches Can Help Achieve Rally Cap Goals:

  • Goal #1: Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively engaged together in the game of baseball.
    • Encourage players often. Demonstrate by behavior and words that each child is an important member of the team regardless of their level of performance. Recognize and encourage effort as well as results.
    • Demonstrate your own enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game to your players.
  • Goal #2: Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our players.
    • Rely on positive reinforcement for things done correctly. Minimize negative emphasis on mistakes. This is required in order for learning to take place. Players can handle only so much negative feedback without becoming discouraged. Players will learn more, try harder and be more open to accepting criticism if they are praised often. Praise players in public and correct them in private.
    • Provide adequate repetition when teaching. Baseball is complicated and lessons often need repeating before they are understood. Once players understand, they often need repeated practice before they can perform the expected behavior well.
    • Encourage players to set individual and team goals corresponding to their ability levels and then work to master the skills needed to achieve them.
    • Organize practices to maximize learning and minimize inactivity.
  • Goal #3: Experience success with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.
    • Teach players aggressiveness and good sportsmanship at the same time.
    • Obey the rules and show respect for the officials even when you disagree.
    • Acknowledge good plays by the opposing team in front of your players.
    • Treat players on opposing teams as members of the community first and as opponents second. Always refrain from displaying actions or words that undercut the self-esteem of players on either team.
  • Goal #4: Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap aged children and adults.
    • Encourage players whenever possible. Demonstrate by words and actions that you like and accept them regardless of how they perform. Adults often assume children can read their minds, but children determine whether they are liked and accepted by adults based on what the adults say and do.
    • Spend comparable instructional time with all players regardless of ability.
    • Encourage parents to become involved with the team.


The Player Evaluation Process    

In April, players who have registered for the Rally Cap Baseball program, will be required to attend the evaluation sessions. The evaluations are conducted under the direction of the CMBA Board and independent evaluators. Evaluations will be based in accordance to the Baseball Canada Rally Cap evaluation file ranking system. Evaluations will be in the three main fields of abilities in throwing, receiving and hitting. This will enable the player to be placed at the skill level that is appropriate for them.




Once the evaluation process is over, team rosters will be placed on CMBA's website.


The Six Levels of Abilities in the Evaluation Process ranging from lowest to highest consists of the following:

  • White Cap Level   
    • Throwing - Able to throw a ball 5 feet
    • Receiving - Able to catch a ball thrown at 5 feet
    • Hitting - Able to hit a ball off a tee
    • Base Running - Able to run to 1st base in 12 seconds or less
    • General - I know my teams name, coaches name, and names of 3 teammates
    • Links - White Cap Instructor ManualWhite/Grey Cap Practice Plans


  • Grey Cap Level
    • Throwing - Able to throw 7 of 10 balls to partner at 10 feet
    • Receiving - Able to field 10 of 15 ground balls from 15 feet
    • Hitting - able to hit 10 of 15 balls off a tee
    • Base Running - Able to run to 1st base in 8 seconds or less (60 feet)
    • General - Able to name all of the position numbers
    • Links - Grey Cap Instructor Manual & White/Grey Cap Practice Plans


  • Black Cap Level
    • Throwing - Able to throw the ball 25 feet
    • Receiving - Able to catch 10 of 20 fly balls from a height of 15 feet
    • Hitting - Able to hit 7 of 15 balls thrown underhand
    • Base Running - Able to run home to 2nd base in 14 seconds
    • General - I know 3 different ways to get a player out
    • Links - Black Cap Instructor Manual & Black/Green Cap Practice Plans


  • Green Cap Level
    • Throwing - Able to throw 9 of 15 in the strike zone from 20 feet
    • Receiving - Able to catch 5/5 ground balls, 5/5 fly balls, and 5/5 balls thrown by a partner from 15 feet
    • Hitting - Able to hit 7/15 balls past the base paths, rolling or in the air
    • Base Running - Able to run around the bases in 27 seconds
    • General - I know where to throw the ball when I field it
    • Links - Green Cap Instructor Manual & Black/Green Cap Practice Plans


  • Blue Cap Level
    • Throwing - Able to throw the ball at a distance of 50 feet
    • Receiving - Able to catch 12/15 fly balls not directly hit to me (20 feet in front 5-10 feet left and right)
    • Hitting - Able to hit 12/15 balls on the outfield grass
    • Base Running - Able to run to 1st base in 5 seconds or less
    • General - I know the difference between a hit and an error; a strike and a ball; safe and out; a single, double, triple and HR; fair and foul
    • Links - Blue Cap Instructor Manual & Blue/Red Cap Practice Plans


  • Red Cap Level
    • Throwing - From a fielding position, I can throw 10/15 balls to 1st from SS
    • Receiving - Able to field 5/5 grounders to the left and 5/5 grounders to the right (regular distance)
    • Hitting - Able to hit 10/15 between cones
    • Base Running - I can run from 1st to 3rd in 11 seconds with a correct slide at 3rd base
    • General - I know where to position myself depending on the hitter
    • Links - Red Cap Instructor Manual & Blue/Red Cap Practice Plans


Team Uniform

Once evaluations are completed, teams will be selected, and players will be given the appropriate Rally Cap Hat based on the evaluation of their abilities. They will also be assigned team Jerseys.

Outside of the required standard baseball equipment (bat, glove, helmet & personal protection), It is also recommended that players show up in athletic wear (track pants/sweatpants/shorts) for their games/practices taking into consideration the weather.


Structure of the Rally Cap Program

  • Each session will last approximately 60-75 minutes
  • Each team will consist of 7-9 players only, meaning more teams could be formed while more repetitions will allow players to develop their different skills.
  • The objective is to have 3 teams sharing one diamond at the same time
  • Two teams will be playing a game while one will be practicing in the outfield.
  • The 3 teams would rotate throughout the time slot for equal playing and practicing time (approximately 20-25 minutes per stage).


The Game Format

  • Each game will consist 1 inning (each team bats through the lineup once)
  • At each turn batting, all players will come to bat. The ½ inning will end when all players have completed their turn. The batting order should change each time a team comes to bat (first hitter becomes last, etc.)
  • Defensive positioning should also change each time a team enters the field.
    • VARIATIONS: You can use the volleyball rotation style and proceed with defensive rotation with each opposing batter.
  • Teams will score runs the way they would in a normal game.
  • There are no walks, no strikeouts, no base stealing and runners can only advance on batted balls.
  • 2 Formats of hitting that can be used: (each player has the choice of which format they would like to use)
    • Tee-ball / Parent-pitcher
  • Each hitter gets a maximum of 5 pitches. If the fifth ball is not hit, a tee will be used by the batter.
  • When the last hitter hits the ball, the defense must throw the ball to home plate to get the final out.


The Practice Format

  • While in the outfield each team will practice the FUNdamentals:
    • Throwing, Receiving, Hitting, Base Running, General Knowledge
  • We strongly recommend that you set up your equipment before the start of the session.
  • A Coachess Guide displaying drills are included to help prepare sessions.
  • Players should rotate through the different stations each time they come back to the outfield.


Year End

On the final day or throughout the season, each coach will perform a skills test of the abilities of his/her players. This will be documented on a final Report Card which will show the progression of the player. These report cards may be used to help determine the next stage that the player will be at for the following season. These report cards will be passed out to the players at the end of the season.



Coaches will be chosen based on the applications submitted to CMBA and the Coach Selection Policy. We strongly encourage parents to take an interest in coaching as it is an integral part of our ability to field teams. If we do not receive an adequate number of coaching candidates, CMBA will rely on parents to fill these positions in order to field teams.


A Rally Cap coaching course thats approximately 90 minutes in length will be provided at the beginning of each ball season.


All CMBA coaches are required to meet requirements in alignment with Baseball Alberta. Coaching certification courses will be made available in March/April/May prior to the start of the season. For more information regarding coaching certification you can find it at:




Code of Conducts

As players, coaches and parents, you will be responsible for reviewing, signing and ensuring you are familiar with:

  • Parental Code of Conduct (one Parent or Guardian must review and sign)
  • Player Code of Conduct (to be review with and signed by the player)
  • Coaches Code of Conduct (reviewed and signed if you are either the Head or Assistant coaches


Rally Cap Directors

The CMBA Rally Cap Directors will be responsible for setting up and overseeing the Rally Cap Program throughout the season. Responsibilities include, but are not limited too, helping in the coach selection process, providing team direction, conducting and assisting through the evaluation process, addressing disciplinary issues, parent concerns and general complaints. The Directors are dedicated to ensuring the guiding principles and the general philosophy of the CMBA Rally Cap program is followed by all players, parents and coaches.

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